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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For years I have talked about heading north to finally seeing and shooting the aurora. With the sun cycle at solar max, I finally made the trip out to Iceland in hopes of chasing the aurora. Winters in the North Atlantic are unpredictable with frequent storms and hurricane-like winds. After weather some tough weather, we were fortunate enough to enjoy a clear night that coincided with the impact of high speed solar winds. Sure enough, the aurora show began as we ate dinner. Itching to get into the action we scarfed down our food in record fashion and let the night of fun begin. I really wanted to capture a composition that included a foreground, midground, and enough sky to show the expanse of the aurora. I spotted this small area of the stream that had rather still water and made for a great reflection. Shortly after setting up a burst of aurora streaked across my frame creating a lightning bolt shaped green pattern. I was breathless seeing how bright the aurora became. Overhead the aurora danced and twinkled like fireworks. Surely enough it was a night to remember and if it weren't for the long day I would have stayed up all night.

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