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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bromo Mountain , East jawa , İndonesia My instagram:ilhan1077 face : I would like to go to Bromo from bali therefor looking the way how to reach to there.easy way to go to bromo is take a plane from bali to going to surabaya city after then rent a car for 5 hours drive to reach to bromo.ı got my plane reservation.but one of my friend who from bali change my mind after a little conversation. He told me that if ı rent a car from surabaya it is not gonna be easy for a tourist driving a car to Bromo,he sad that we can rob even police can stop us and ask for the money and bla bla bla ...then ı decide cancel my ticket. I Listened my friends advice.we rented a car from bali with a local diriver for 14 hours to drive. Thats is a crayz way but ı must reach to Bromo

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