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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hancock Gorge Karijini National Park Marianne and I had a great 5 days at Karijini last week and are starting to go through our images :) This is one of the classic views down Hancock Gorge into the restricted area and Regan's pool. I saw many shots of this area with golden light reflected and wondered how I could work on a different outlook. In the end, I found the answer with blending images of shots taken with the polariser in different positions. Because of the light and the wide angle, polarising one segment results in another segment being unpolarised and of course where that golden light is, you want reflection and no polarisation. I hope you like the result which hopefully brings into play the cool contrasts we saw between blue unoxidised iron ore and the oxidised red stuff (I think that's what we were told though any geologists feel free to correct me!) [Prints and Tutorials] [Facebook] [Instagram] [Flickr] [Deviant Art Gallery]

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