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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This place is just mind blowing. I'm so grateful for the chance to visit this place and can't believe I get to go back next year again! French Valley, Torres Del Paine. One Of A Kind Photography Adventures. After hearing all about this place from Timothy after his smash and grab run up here in the rain, I decided the following day I'd be venturing up there no matter what the conditions. I talked a couple of the guys into joining me, we set out mid morning on the fairly long trek of about 15km each way, there was a bit of rain about and the wind was something else but as the day went on the weather improved and gradually the Torres made themselves known. We shot waterfalls and Beech forests. One of the guys decided to head back after lunch and left Robert and I to tackle the last climb up over the retreating Glaciers rubble. After a short walk along the valley floor we were greeted with this view. We both agreed that we'd tough out the cold and wait for sunset, we put on as many layers as possible and hid behind rocks or trees, pretty much anything that gave an once of cover- not that it helped though, the wind worked its way in and it wasn't long till i was freezing. As the sun started to dip it was clear it had been worth the wait. The colour in the clouds, the autumn colours in the beech forests, this is something I won't be forgetting in a hurry!!! We also had an interesting 15km walk back in the dark! F-Stop Gear LEE Filters Nikon Nikon Australia Sirui Professional Tripods

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