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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This area is not situated beyond the seven mountains among the seven dwarves. And I had no fights with wild beasts like the Tyrannosaurus Rex to finally reach this enchanting area ;-) What you see here is a place with a meadow that is located between a small lake and a forest, and only 10 minutes away from my house! Sometimes such places are right on the doorstep and it depends only from the right light and the right perspective to have such a beautiful area on a photo! But it is real what you see here? How can you know exactly how things stand? The only thing you see is what I have captured and what I want to show you! On the left or right of the image there can be a highway, a gas station or a garbage dump and you will never know about that. This is the reason why photography is art for me and not the representation of reality. We don see the reality, we only see a model of the reality. Even colours doesn exist and everything is an interpretation of what really is. But with photography I can show things as I want and conceals what I don want to show! Are you wondering now what is located on the left and right of the image? The answer is ... who knows ;-) ________________________________________ Follow me on Facebook ________________________________________

Thanks to ManuelMartin1972 for your images with title "The Garden", and this photo copyright by ManuelMartin1972

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