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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Facebook page: Marco Calandra Photography Website: Google +: Marco Calandra For a couple couple of days I have been checking the weather forecast. I wanted a specific light: exactly, the sunlight filtered by clouds. During the early hours of the morning, I left for direct Acitrezza. The sky was covered by too many clouds so I was already aware that the picture I had in mind would not succeed. When I arrived there, everything was dark, the clouds were very compact between them and a light breeze created waves pounding between stones and rocks. I made different shots, but while I was making a long exposure, the clouds started to separate from each other, letting the sunlight pass. Probably the scene that I had in mind was starting to materialize.

Thanks to marcocalandra89 for your images with title "Light of hope", and this photo copyright by marcocalandra89

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