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Friday, April 17, 2015

Godafoss, popularly known as The Waterfall of the Gods, plays an important role in Iceland's history on which religion they should practice. It was said that Thorgeirr, a pagan priest and chieftain, who later became a Christian, dispensed of his heathen gods by throwing them into the falls as a symbolic act of the conversion. As a result, the waterfalls was named Godafoss (Waterfall of Gods). A supposed to be spring-time visit greeted us with harsh snow and wind storm. First time to drive through blowing snow conditions and zero visibility. I thought I was gonna die! Hahaha! Pure "amaze-ness" after the storm in Godafoss! Been dreaming to witness it partly frozen on a winter day…. And Woohoo! Who said spring time is boring in Iceland? Lol! Have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!

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