Image Patience - Dove Lake Cradle Mountain Tasmania from GaryPHayes

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

There are many types of patience a landscape photographer needs. Obviously there is waiting at a scene for the right light but another important one is returning to a location over and over 'for' the potential for that light to happen. I had five days in the area and even though I walked up to Marion's LO and beyond on the Overland track to Barn's Bluff, across and half way up the Weindorfer tower, up to the left of this shot to Hansons LO and beyond, plus many side hikes to the lakes off to the right of here, I never got that light. Then after returning from Hansons LO a second time on the very last night, nearly driving away in the tourist car park (yes this is an easy location!) and the sun just opened up on the right. A quick scramble to some pre-reccy'd rocks and voila. Which I had been higher up and glad I didn't do the 5 minute walk to the Boat Hut either!

Thanks to GaryPHayes for your images with title "Patience - Dove Lake Cradle Mountain Tasmania", and this photo copyright by GaryPHayes

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