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Monday, April 20, 2015

Follow on Facebook website (better viewed on black) Amazing milky way over spain and its light pollution, seen from la Faja de la Flores in the Ordesa canyon national parc, Pyrenees. This very remote area (2500m) is free from light pollution and revealed one of the most stunning starry night I ever had the opportunity to witness, the milky way was visible only one hour after the sun set, and I could later see its colors with my eyes, that was an epic night!!! But I could never imagine that I was to wake up under the storm, lightning and hail, and that I would not meet anyone in the mountain for the two following days on my way back to France, staying lonely in the mountains was a wondrous experience!
Thanks to RaphaelSavarit for your images with title "Under the stars", and this photo copyright by RaphaelSavarit

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