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Monday, April 20, 2015

It was an evening last summer (July 2014). I spotted a habitat of barn swallows in an abandoned farm house on road side not far away from this marsh and just managed to get a few shots, but the light started to faint. The storm clouds rolled in from no where. I threw (literally) my gears into the trunk and drove away the spot with disappointment. My wife said she had a snack attack and we were discussing where we could go for dinner. I told her the nearest restaurant would be 35 minutes drive away, but we had a couple bags of roasted peanuts in the trunk. I pulled to roadside and open the trunk just in time to see a few sun rays break through the thick clouds. The clouds rolled in and started to disperse all in a brief 15 minutes. I quickly grabbed the gears and dashed into thick reeds. After running for 5 minutes, I came to this small opening in thick reeds. I set up my tripod and camera as quickly as I could and was able to get a few bracket shots. I first processed the bracket shots in Photomatix and then imported to Photoshop for further processing. I had to change the white balance to a warmer tone, because when I took this shot, a corner of the sky already open up and natural warm sunset tone had been fading. This may prove that a favourite shot is not always shots that done in a planned location and time. Keeping one's sense on alert and eyes watchful may bring unexpected reward.
Thanks to HermanWong for your images with title "Dusk", and this photo copyright by HermanWong

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